Thursday, September 01, 2005

Better and Worse

Finally, we have some news on my mother-in-law's home. A friend went by to check her place and told her that although she did get some water and part of the roof had blown off, it was still standing. She and my brother-in-law, Ken, are going over to check things out in person tomorrow. We're all praying for their safety.
I find the situation in New Orleans completely demoralizing, and I'm not even there. When I said earlier that times like these bring out the worst in people, I had no idea how brutal the truth would be. This is yet another demonstration of the concept that it isn't so much what happens to you but how you handle it that counts. And that goes not only for the people of New Orleans and the brave men and women who are working to rescue them, but for the federal agencies who have been slow to respond to this catastrophe.
No one deserves to live through the horror the people of New Orleans are experiencing, but I would have hoped that in this country those in a position to dispatch aid would have reacted more decisively in providing both assistance and information. I can only hope that help arrive more quickly in the face of criticism. It is a shame that such criticism was necessary in the first place.
I am deeply saddened to see how quickly those desperate hurricane and flood survivors have turned against each other. Hunger, despair, and hopelessness do terrible things to people. I pray that the suffering will end soon and that my mission to help those in need will be revealed.

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