Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pets and Vets

Today I'm off to take the dog to the vet, likely to be an all morning task. I'll allow myself the flexibility to stay with her or leave her. Sitting in the doctor's office is one of those time-sucking experiences that make me feel the minutes crashing all around me, breaking apart, and evaporating uselessly. Sitting with Sammy at the vet is little better. Unlike the groomers, I feel compelled to stay with her since she gets so skittish and frightened. I have more sympathy for a dog at the vet than a dog at the groomers. I figure it isn't my problem that dogs hate baths so much.
But what to do about the time spent there? Aha! I could do some nagging paperwork related to pet care while I wait. If I'm going to spend my time taking care of the dog, I might as well get as much out of it as I can.
As I sit here and write, I can hear Sammy doing her morning shake, tags jingling. She'll get restless soon and I'll want to let her out for the day.
Ana has her MRI scheduled for Friday--general anesthesia required. I don't like general anesthesia. If it were me who needed some procedure, I'd consider acupuncture. As it's Ana, I don't have that particular choice. I wonder if I could ask for alternative ways to quiet her for the procedure. Every time I mention it to her she asks if it's going to hurt. Perhaps the "going to sleep medicine" is best.

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