Thursday, November 08, 2007

National Novel Writing Month - Day 8 - Later

After two hours in front of my computer, I’ve written 726 words, planned my Thanksgiving menu, and decided what to cook next week. I’ve run out of writing steam. I know exactly what I want to write next, but...I just don’t seem to want to write it. Maybe it needs more time to simmer in my mind before I write it. Maybe I need to take a break. Maybe my writing muscles are just tired. Maybe I’ve gotten so used to writing in fits and starts that it’s hard to make use of those rare long stretches of time. Maybe I just need some good old fashioned discipline.
Probably it’s all of those things are more. I finally managed to squeak out 1,012 words in the end, in addition to employing the trick that has worked well for me in the past. I’ve found that ending a scene and beginning a new one before putting the story aside for the day builds momentum. I don’t have to sit and figure out how to get into the next scene or where to start. I’m already there, the conversation is already going so it’s easier to jump right in.
Ah, well. Time to be content with my 1,012 words and move on.

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